As a club function, we try to assist deserving people or organisations in our local area. We call these club projects and we look at any proposal put to us to see if and how we can help. In 2018we arranged some new cooking equipment for the Stepping Stone Clubhouse which is a respected community organisation helping adults with mental illness create pathways to better health and opportunities for friendship, education and transition to employment. 

Rotary Art Spectacular

In Respect of the Tiger, by Michelle Caitens, Oil on canvas

We Come in Peace Bearing Gifts, by George Rowbottom, Acrylic on canvas

We have a history of organising a prestigious art show in association with two other clubs in Brisbane. This is one our major fund raisers and works because a lot of people contribute a relatively small amount of time each; and it works because it is a lot of fun dealing with artists, customers and other members during the operation. Proceeds earned go to deserving causes such as the AEIOU Foundation and other organisations serving the community, such as Rotary’s ROMAC.

Our club is proud to assist ROMAC with its vital work, bringing badly deformed or burnt children to Brisbane for remedial surgical work and it should be noted that the doctors and associated staff donate their valuable time performing the intricate surgery involved. We derive much pleasure in assisting with transport and then seeing the delight at the result.

On a worldwide basis Rotary is responsible for organising the movement to eradicate polio and other debilitating diseases. We take great pride that our club has financially supported this effort very strongly over many years.

Visit the Rotary Art Spectacular website here

Solomon Island Projects

We have made three trips to the Solomon Islands to assist with various projects. One was to put a new roof on the kindergarten on Babanga Island. Picture below. 

Romac Shines for Rotary

A two year old boy on Ranogga Island, part of the Solomons suffers a accident and four years on, ROMAC becomes aware and to the rescue. And rescue it was with a five hour surgery to the head at Lady Cilento Hospital has saved the young fellows life.
Kachico Umiko discharged from hospital that day and braved turning up to a Rotary with Grandad Amon Redly and host father Glynn Rence.
Amon holds many responsibilities on his Island of 5,000 people being the local Magistrate, a member of the Council of Chiefs and importantly President of the Soccer Club. He has some years ago seen our clubs RAWCS projects at a school.
Amon cannot thank Rotary/ROMAC and the Lady Cilento Hospital enough for facilitating Kchico’s life saving operation. He appreciated the club inviting him to speak on the family’s behalf.
Top marks to our own David Ambrose a ROMAC committee Member for the co-ordinating, the travel, hospital and home hosting.
This is some of Rotary’s finest work.

The Solar Buddy


A light refugees and children in developing countries can use inside tents.


Stones Corner Rotary Club supports Traction.TRACTION is a community-based program helping young people discover, connect and experience their own positive and successful futures. We understand that everybody learns differently and that some students don’t realise their full potential in a classroom. That is why the TRACTION program offers young people the chance to participate in an alternative, action based learning environment while being supported by encouraging relationships, community and employment opportunities.

Centre for Young Families


Annmarie Callander, Chief Executive Officer, from Brisbane Youth Service accepted a cheque for $7500 from the Rotary Club of Stones Corner to go towards the construction of a playground at the "Centre for Young Families" at Stones Corner

School of St Jude